Hatch Life Mental Health Services believes in the inherent nature of the group process and the powerful impact it can create in the lives of its participants. Groups are a great option for those seeking a shorter time commitment or peer support. The groups at Hatch Life include an array of topics offered throughout the year.

The Nest is an education and support group for pregnant and postpartum women. Developed from the concepts of integrative health and wellness, our curriculum infuses traditional postpartum healing practices and psychoeducation. This approach allows participants to explore their transition into motherhood by engaging in self-reflection, developing healthy coping mechanisms, and cultivating a community as mothers.

Topics include:

◊ Perinatal Mental Health & Wellness

◊ Transition into Motherhood

◊ Interpersonal Relationships

◊ Traditional Postpartum Healing Practices

◊ Sleep, Nutrition, and Exercise

◊ And So Much More!


◊ The Nest meets for 60 minutes weekly for 5 sessions total.

◊ Group is delivered online through a secure and HIPAA compliant platform.

◊ The cost for participation includes the initial 1:1 consultation appointment with Dr. Fant, access to The Nest group meetings and associated materials.

◊ Space is limited, register today!