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Hatch Life Mental Health Services offers a series of self-paced online courses for women who are experiencing anxiety, burnout, and co-dependency.

Do you struggle with any of the following?

I say YES to things when I really want to say NO.

I feel sad, worried, and stressed most days.

I offer help to others before or instead of helping myself.

I do not feel that I have enough supportive people in my life.

I want to make a change in my life but it is scary to take that leap.

Course Offerings

From Capes to Crowns Course

Investment: $100

Like many women, we wear our superwoman capes and have found our identity through saving others. When this happens we loose the ability to honor ourselves. If we treated our own needs and wounds with the care and compassion we give to others, imagine how that would feel? It’s time to take off your cape and put on your crown Queen.

The Capes to Crowns course teaches women how to move beyond the superwoman identity, which connects self-worth to others needs. You’ll learn to how set boundaries in your relationships, identify your superwoman rescue behaviors, and learn tools for better self-care.

Mind + Body Wellness Course

Investment: $100

Feeling tired? Lacking motivation? Ready to make a change? The connection between mind and body influences our mood and ability to function day to day. When we neglect our physical health, our mental health suffers and vice versa. Taking that first step to make change can be challenging but it is not impossible!

The Mind + Body Wellness course takes you on a path to holistic health. You will learn how to manage your daily health needs from sleep hygiene to emotional intelligence. This course will provide practical tools and strategies to promote optimal health and healing.

6-Week Anxiety Release Course

Investment: $300

The 6-week Anxiety Release Course is for women struggling with anxiety. Do you experience constant self-doubt? Is it hard to leave the house or interact in social settings? Excessive worry and fear of failure becomes a part of daily life and it’s exhausting. Learn more about your anxiety and release old patterns that no longer serve you.

The 6-Week Anxiety Release is an innovative self-paced course that will give virtual support in addition to the weekly videos and resources to help you manage stress and set your anxiety free from taking over your life.

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