“A change of heart changes everything” ~HeartMath

Hatch Life Mental Health services uses HartMath which is a specific type of biofeedback technology. This research-based approach helps people achieve higher functioning or coherence. Coherence means “being in flow” or a balanced state of being. At Hatch Life, clients learn to manage their emotions based on Heart Rate Variability (HRV) measured using the HartMath technology.

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HeartMath research has found a connection between our emotions and it’s impact our physiology. We now know that negative emotions are likely to cause higher cortisol (the stress hormone) levels and positive emotions are physically renewing.

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The HeartMath technology is designed to reveal the shift in both the nervous system and the hormonal system. Which is done by using the biofeedback tools to provide clients confirmation that what they are feeling has a simultaneous response physiologically.

Benefits of Biofeedback

Cultivate greater balance in your heart, mind, and body

Decrease stress levels

Experience higher functioning

Improve relationships

Increase ability to control and regulate your emotions

How It Works

The feedback technology is connected through either a finger or ear sensor.

Hatch Life utilizes the HeartMath software to allow clients to see the levels of coherence moment by moment.

Clients are guided through the various research-based techniques to learn to shift to higher coherence levels.

Games and visualizers on the software are options during the feedback portion of the training.

Coherence training can be done on line and in person at Hatch Life Mental Health Services.